Victoria and Albert Museum

I’ve worked as a sustainable fashion educator visiting schools, universities, youth clubs, arts institutions, businesses, you name it, for well over a decade.

I’ve designed and delivered campaigns (#secondhandfirst), talks and workshops, created design briefs, competitions, community events and grassroots initiatives to spread awareness of the complex problems riddling the fashion world with a key focus on what we can do to make a difference.

Worn Well Repair Cafe In Collaboration With University College London

Worn Well is a network of textile repairers dedicated to help others learn the skills to fix their clothes. From slow mindful stitching inspired by Japan to contemporary clothes hacks, the driving force of Worn Well is to empower the public to tackle waste and get mending.

Previous workshops and collaborations with the North London Waste Authority, University College London and Clerkenwell Design Week.

For workshop queries, creative collaborations, consultation, community engagement and talks get in touch!

Sarah At Hackney Fixers Event (Photo credit: Janet Gunter)

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