I write about, and educate on sustainability but have a particular interest in fashion. I even wrote a book about it.

I create content for social media, websites, newsletters and print.

I design and deliver creative projects and briefs.

I’m a collaborator.

I love a good chat, a thought-provoking discussion and a challenging debate.

I enjoy visiting schools, universities, cultural institutions and businesses to provoke thought, explore sustainable solutions and inspire change.

I tinker with clothes and founded the clothes repair community initiative Worn Well to share the skills to stitch new life into worn and broken garments.

Previous collaborations and partnerships include working with:

Victoria and Albert Museum, Goldsmiths University, London College of Fashion, University College London, Clerkenwell Design Week, Spotify, Hackney Council and North London Waste Authority to name a few.

If you would like to get in contact to explore ways we can work together do get in touch here.